Monday, 31 August 2015

EOY IH (Geography) topics :D

Date: 25 September 2015 (Friday) [T4 Wk2]
Duration: 45 Minutes
  1. Map Reading 
  2. Data response questions [e.g. tables/ graphs etc]
  3. Tropical Rainforests 
    • What is deforestation
    • Distribution of tropical rainforest in the world
    • Causes of deforestation
    • Impact of deforestation; and 
    • Measures to manage rate of deforestation (including successes and challenges)
  4. Water Supply
    • Hydrological cycle (processes)
Format of paper:
  • Total: 25 marks
  • Section A: Map Reading [5 marks]
  • Section B: Short Structured Questions, including data response [20 marks]
 Only 1 set of Geography Question Paper will be issued. All workings and answers are to be written in black or blue ink in the same paper. 
Things to Bring:
  • A working calculator with the approved sticker
  • Writing materials (including a long ruler, sharp pencil and eraser)
  • Protractor and string

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