Monday, 31 August 2015

EOY IH (Geography) topics :D

Date: 25 September 2015 (Friday) [T4 Wk2]
Duration: 45 Minutes
  1. Map Reading 
  2. Data response questions [e.g. tables/ graphs etc]
  3. Tropical Rainforests 
    • What is deforestation
    • Distribution of tropical rainforest in the world
    • Causes of deforestation
    • Impact of deforestation; and 
    • Measures to manage rate of deforestation (including successes and challenges)
  4. Water Supply
    • Hydrological cycle (processes)
Format of paper:
  • Total: 25 marks
  • Section A: Map Reading [5 marks]
  • Section B: Short Structured Questions, including data response [20 marks]
 Only 1 set of Geography Question Paper will be issued. All workings and answers are to be written in black or blue ink in the same paper. 
Things to Bring:
  • A working calculator with the approved sticker
  • Writing materials (including a long ruler, sharp pencil and eraser)
  • Protractor and string

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Geography Homework 25/8/15 :D

1. The 2 sets of revision papers
2. Tidy up your IH file (white) by next week
3. Hand in your Chapter 3 LP to Mrs Low for those who have not

Friday, 21 August 2015

Math End Of Year Examintaions Info

6 Oct 2015
P1: 40 marks (60 min) - Answer ALL questions in INK except graphs and diagrams (to be drawn with pencil) in booklet provided
P2: 60 marks (90 min) - Answer all questions on paper provided. 
Venue: classroom

Things to Bring:
  • A working calculator with the approved sticker
  • Writing materials (including a long ruler, sharp pencil and eraser)
  • Construction set
Writing and graph paper will be provided 

Topics tested: 
  • Unit 1: Primes, HCF and LCM (entire unit)
  • Unit 2: Integers, Rational and Real Numbers (entire unit)
  • Unit 3: Approximation & Estimation (up to significant figures; estimation not tested)
  • Unit 4: Percentages (I) - self-directed learning
  • Unit 5: Introduction to Algebra 
  • Unit 6: Algebraic Fractions and Manipulation
  • Unit 7: Linear Algebraic Equations
  • (Self-directed learning) Rate, Ratio & Speed 
  • Unit 8: Linear Inequalities
  • Unit 9: Functions and Linear Graphs
  • Unit 10: Data Handling
  • Unit 11: Basic Geometry and Geometrical Construction
  • Unit 12: Surface area and perimeter of plane figures
  • Unit 13: Volume and surface area of 3-D figures
  • Unit 14: Number sequence
  • (Self-Directed Learning) Direct and Inverse proportion

Geography Homework 21/8/15 :D

1. Read Textbook Page 97-116
2. Tidy IH file (White file) (File check T3W10-T4W2)
3. Complete Tropical Rainforest LP

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

English EOY Topics

Paper 1: Editing
               Letter writing
               Essay(Personal recount or narrative)

Paper 2: Visual Text
               Narrative Text
               Expository Text(Summary)

Paper 4: Listening

End of Year Schedule

Hey guys

This is the schedule for your EOY. Study hard!!! After EOY, you can go play however you want, so just study and revise hard for this exam. JIAYOUSSS!!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Geography Homework 4/8/15 :D

1. Find out
Where is the Amazon Rainforest and name the 8 countries
Where is the Congo Rainforest and name the countries
Where is Borneo Rainforest, name the countries and find out what is Kalimantan
2. Read textbook pg86-96

Monday, 3 August 2015

SG 50

Create a video with your birthday wish for Singapore.
Task can be done individually or in groups of maximum 4
Video message should contain your birthday wish and the model you built
Suggested outline of script
oMy name is …….
oHappy 50th Birthday, Singapore!
oI built the ………(name of structure) because my hope / wish / vision for Singapore is ………(*what Singapore will achieve or how Singapore / Singaporeans will be like)
Upload your videos to a platform (To be decided by FT)

Prizes will be awarded to the most creative and inspiring video