Thursday, 23 July 2015

Topics tested for Geography Level Test 2 :D

  • Map Reading 
  • Answering with reference to data [e.g. tables/ graphs etc]
  • Tropical Rainforests [characteristics, structure, adaptations, uses and importance of TRF]
Format of paper:
  • Total: 40 marks
  • Section A: Map Reading [15 marks]
  • Section B: Data Response [5 marks]
  • Section C: Short Structured Questions [20 marks]
 A set of Question Paper and an Answer Booklet will be issued. All workings and answers are to be written in black or blue ink in the Answer Booklet. 
Things to Bring:
  • A working calculator with the approved sticker
  • Writing materials (including a long ruler, sharp pencil and eraser)
  • Protractor and string

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