Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Math Level Test 2

5 August Wednesday

Topics tested:
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Functions and Linear Graphs
  • Data Handling
  • (Self-Directed Learning) Basic Geometry and Geometrical Construction
  • Note: Algebra will be weaved into the above topics

Format of Paper:
  • Maximum: 40 marks
  • Answer ALL questions in INK except graphs and diagrams (to be drawn with pencil)
  • A set of question paper, a cover page and a plain paper (Insert) would be issued to you
    • All working and answers are to be written on the writing paper
  • For submission:
    • Staple the cover page (on top) to the answers sheets

Things to Bring:
  • Your own writing papers (SST heading) & graph papers
  • A working calculator with the approved sticker
  • Writing materials (including a long ruler, sharp pencil and eraser)
  • Construction set

  • Go through your study notes (lessons) and assignments, and watch the video clips made available to you
  • Attempt revision papers
  • On your own: Practice through
    • AceLearning portal
    • Maths workbook, in particular, the questions in the Intermediate & Advance sections

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