Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Breakfast with Parents

Dear Class,

If your name does not appear below, please assist to ask your parents if they would like to sign up for the breakfast with Mr Hoe (Principal). Thank you.

Long Yee Jun EugeneS102
Leong Ko Ryan JasperS102

Christopher Chia Ern RongS102
Au Yeong Si Ning AliciaS102
Yar Xin NingS102
Deshane Aloysius OoiS102
zechariah yeos102
Russell OngS102
Benjamin TengS102
Isabella Goh Shu XingS102
Dhruv sharma S102
Aldon Wenceslaus LoboS102
Aye Pa Pa MonS102
ch'ng zhi qiangS102
Ryan Ng Jek HianS102
Natasha LowS102

Sign up should be on parent's blog.

thank you

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