Friday, 30 January 2015


1 Eng: Please complete the reading program assignment and also the two poems, matilda and the mid term break.

2 Sci: Please complete all the questions in worksheet 2 and also remember that there is science on monday.

3Math: Lesson 5 and AA test.

4ADMT: Please do the drawing of the 3D figures. the figures are on the google site.

5IH: Prepare for the trading on Monday.

6Chinese: Essay Writing - due on Tuesday.
Please refer to the following notes:
Google Slides of your group work.
Time yourself, Please complete within 1 hr.
Please submit the essay to Alicia before the lesson.

For students who has not get the Dictionary Approve Sticker from Mdm Yeo,  please bring your CL dictionary.

Do finish your joy work on Sat without any other distractions and spend Sun with your family and friends.

7Submission of GYS form on Monday.
हिन्दी: आपको निबंध लिखना है । निबंध का नाम ' माध्यमिक विध्यालय का पहेला दिन ' ।

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  1. Don't forget to do the newspaper blackout for english