Friday, 30 January 2015

2015 Classroom Decoration

2015 SST Classroom Decoration Competition

Form Teacher(s): Mdm Yeo Sok Hui  Ms Adele Lim
Submitted by:
Name of Student: Neo Chen Yi , Phyllys

Role in Class Exco: Vice-Chairperson

Class Theme
SST Our Passport To The World
Class Mission
It doesn’t matter who you used to be.What matters is who you’ve become
Class Goals
  1. Strive for best results
  2. Stay united as 102
  3. Accept one another the way we are
  4. To be inclusive as a class
  5. Maintain a conducive environment
Class Code of Conduct
Do not be disruptive (do not  game in class) and give 101% in everything we do
Recycled Materials Used
Recycled decoration items from wedding, example the tissue pom-pom, the flower petals, the flag.
Some drawing of the sea creatures are printed or drawn on recycled paper.
Short Write-Up About Class Decoration (max 100 words)
The theme for our classroom decoration this year is SST Our Passport to the world.
Welcome aboard our S102 cruise ship, join us as we sail through 2015 together united as a class.

The side(near to the locker in the class) represents the bond among the 102nites. On the opposite side that represents the waves of the sea. This means we will stay united as a class through thick and thin.

At the back of the class, is our main highlight for the class theme. Our goals is to cruise this year together , as a class. So our class is well decorated with recycled materials from various events.

Oh! I forgotten this point. The big cruise is where we are , in SST. We are going to our destination, together. There are also all our birthdays so that we can celebrate them.

Beside the noticeboard, there are the different things we love and enjoy. One more thing, around our class, we have different quotes that we thought of . One of the student wrote a quote that our math teacher, Mr Ang, said to us.

One last thing, our class notice board near the whiteboard are decorated with our class motto, goals and rules.

I hope you will enjoy looking at this pleasant classroom, because we enjoyed the joy and laughter in class. We spent much effort and so did our form and co-form teachers ,Mdm Yeo and Ms Lim.

Best Regards,
Phyllys Neo
Vice - Chairperson of S1-02

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